The Blue Train


" The Blue Train " is the bedstead train which links Cape Town in the most Africa continent southernmost tip from metropolitan Pretoria in the Republic of South Africa and as for the luxury, it is proud of the competing facilities in the world 1.2.
The name of the bedstead limited express " Blue Train " such as " Asakaze " in my country was named by the image of this train.However, formerly, it came in reclame high and in " the apartheid ", it wasn't possible to say that the Blue Train in South Africa is the train which is an image which may be decided to us.
With the services of the president in front of Nelson Mandela, the apartheid became abolition and got to appeal to the world for the Blue Train, too, newly as the name train in the world.


Two electric locomotives tow a beautiful train.
It is possible to see a big Blue Train when clicking a photograph on the left.


Let's attempt to board a train.


The Blue Train leaves metropolitan Pretoria.
There are a specifically designed station of the Blue Train and a lounge in Pretoria station and it spends time before departure here.

In the luxury of the compartment in the car as to be said to that it does the hotel to run, a deluxe room with the bus restroom is arranged.

There are a lounge car, a dining car and so on in the car and the train travel can be gracefully spent.
It seems that it is possible to say a luxury ocean liner on the land.


Let's attempt to take a locomotive.

It is the specifically designed locomotive of the Blue Train.The driver of the two people is riding.

Masatoki Minami
April 3 2002 Pretoria

Special Thanks
South Africa Railway
South Africa airline

Photograph by CanonEOS-D60 Digital PowerShotG2


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